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"So many videos, articles, resources, and conversations about ultimate out there. It's easy to get lost, hard to know what's actually going to help you improve, I gotchu ;)"

Mario O'Brien
RISE UP Head Coach

For Players

1 v 1 Defense
 - Catching 50/50 Discs - Cutting and Clearing
 - Handling 
- Marking
 - Offensive Strategy
 - Pressured Decision Making
 - Set Plays
 - Team Culture
 - Team Defense
 - Throwing
 - Zone D

For Captains & Coaches

Building a Team
 - College Season Prep
 - Goal Setting
 - Leading Practice
 - Marking
 - Offensive Strategy
 - Set Plays
 - Sub Calling
 - Specializing & Role Players
 - Team Culture


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